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Ecuador: Thousands join simulation of evacuation of Cotopaxi volcano eruption

2 12.09.2019 Инфо

W/S Participants of the drill in front of a sign of the Cotopaxi volcano in Latacunga, Ecuador
C/U Woman with protective mask
M/S Women and kids participating in the drill
M/S Participants entering a bus
M/S Participants entering a bus
C/U Bus driver
W/S Road
M/S Participants taking out
M/S Participants getting a stretcher out of a bus
M/S Participants walking
SOT, Alexandra Ocles, Risk Prevention General Secretary (Spanish): "We really want to thank you for leaving your duties behind for a few minutes, to participate and learn about the evacuation routes, and learning what to do in case we face an erupting process. We have to learn to live with this risk.”
W/S Participants carrying a person in a stretcher
W/S Participants gathered and members of emergency services passing by
M/S Doctor
P/M Physician simulating treating a man
W/S Emergency camp
M/S Emergency services gathered in a tent
M/S Emergency services gathered in a tent
W/S Tents
W/S Emergency services gathered in a tent
M/S Man speaking on megaphone
M/S Man speaking on megaphone
W/S People gathered during the drill
Thousands participated this Wednesday in evacuation simulation in the face of a possible eruption of the Potopaxi volcano, located 91 kilometers from the capital of Ecuador, Quito.
The exercise was coordinated by the National Risk Management Service (SNGR) and it involved an orderly evacuation in communities located in the provinces of Pichincha, Cotopaxi and Napo.
Footage shows the inhabitants of the areas close to the volcano who, using masks, board buses arranged by the authorities that transport them to safe areas. Once there, they are attended by paramedics.
According to reports, about 10,000 people participated in this evacuation drill, the seventh exercise of its kind to be carried out in Ecuador since 2015.