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Eurogroup President Jeroen Dijsselbloem discussed the economic situations in Greece and Spain at a press conference following the Eurogroup meeting in Luxembourg, Monday. Discussing the Greek bailout programme Dijsselbloem urged the Greek government to implement the agreed "milestones" by mid-October and to be clear about what pension reforms would take place. "Maintaining that attitude of reform is crucial to regain trust inside and outside Greece, so crucial for economic recovery. The next set of milestones have been agreed, prepared by the EWG. Once they are implemented, and hopefully that will be done by mid-October, they will unlock the next disbursement, which is a disbursement of two billion euros out of the remaining three billion," Dijsselbloem stated. "To finalise that first review, not only should these milestones be implemented, of course, but also there should be clarity on the reform of the pension system and the issue of governance in the financial sector should be dealt with," he added. Discussing the draft budgetary plan submitted by Spain to the Eurogroup, Dijsselbloem commented on the risk of Spain violating EU budgeting rules, saying that if the Eurogroup's opinion is to "take necessary measures, et cetera, to ensure compliance, then that would be up to the Spanish government to follow up on that 'early opinion.'"


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