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Ecuador: Quito protesters set government building on fire

6 13.10.2019 Инфо

W/S Protesters surround bushes on fire outside government building housing the office of Ecuador's comptroller general, Quito
W/S Protesters on top of government building
M/S Protesters chanting
W/S Protester on top of government building
W/S Protesters shooting
W/S Protesters shielding with makeshift shields
C/U Medical team assisting injured protester
W/S Protesters behind barricade, Ecuadorian flag
W/S Protester running with barrel
M/S Protesters hiding behind makeshift shields
W/S Protester throwing tear gas canister away
W/S Protesters passing bricks to each other to build barricade
M/S Protester running with makeshift shields
W/S Police firing tear gas
SOT, Lesly Gutierrez, Student (Spanish): "This is what they are giving us, look, these are real bullets, real bullets against the town, that is helpless, the town that protects itself with cardboard, a town that protects itself with sticks."
W/S Smoke, street on fire *CUTAWAY*
SOT, Lesly Gutierrez, student (Spanish): "On our indigenous people asleep in the house of culture, bombs were dropped when they were sleeping. That's what a coward does."
W/S Police firing tear gas
W/S Protesters
W/S Police
W/S Protesters
M/S Police
W/S Smoke above water
Anti-government protesters threw petrol bombs at the headquarters of the comptroller general in Quito on Saturday, with at least 30 demonstrators reportedly arrested at the site .
Footage shows the area covered in smoke and some protesters on top of the building. According to reports, furniture and documents were destroyed.
Earlier on Saturday Ecuador President Lenin Moreno ordered a military-backed curfew in and around the capital Quito.
Ecuador has plunged into a wave of protests amid social discontent over economic adjustment measures, including the elimination of fuel subsidies, in agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to obtain million-dollar loans.