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Gut-busting 5,000 calorie kebab served up in 15-inch pizza box

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C/U Kebab
C/U Sauce added to kebab
M/S Workers in the takeaway
C/U Kebab spinning on skewer
C/U Cutting the kebab
SOT, Megann Altinoz, owner of Chip Inn: "[You get the odd one saying] you know, you're going to get diabetes or it's not healthy. Which, you know, if you eat it every day, it's probably not going to be. And if you try and eat it all by yourself... I wouldn't recommend that either. You know, it is meant for sharing."
W/S Chips on the assembled kebab
C/U Dripping kebab grease
SOT, Megann Altinoz, owner of Chip shop: "So when this one calms down a little bit, maybe we'll go for the twenty inch and see if somebody goes for that. But I'm sure there'll be somebody that wants to have a go."
W/S Kebab meat being sliced
C/U Preparing the "world's biggest kebab"
W/S Altinoz's husband, Erdal, preparing the kebab
W/S Kebab meat being dished up
C/U Kebab meat
SOT, Customer at Chip Inn: "[I'm not] a big eater. The old man finished it"
Interviewer: "How did it taste?"
Customer: "Great"
W/S Chips as the base
W/S Sauce added
C/U Cheese sprinkled on top
W/S Meat being added
SOT, Customer at the Chip Inn: "I've seen it on the Post, the Evening Post, and I thought to the kids, they like pizzas and that, should we go and try this and they went 'yeah go on then.' So thought we'd come and try it."
C/U The kebab up close
W/S Full box
C/U Side of salad being prepared
W/S Assistant taping up the box of the kebab
M/S Customer at the Chip Inn [UPSOUND]: "It's going to be nice."
W/S Front of Chip Inn
C/U Chip Inn
A chip shop in northern England offers what's said to be the biggest kebab available on any menu in the world. The Chip Inn, based in Huthwaite, Sutton-in-Ashfield, serves a gut-busting 5,000 calorie kebab in a 15-inch (38 cm) Pizza box.
Megann Altinoz has owned the northern English chip shop for 10 years, with it having been in her family for just over 20 years. The box was originally made on special request from a customer who wanted something to share for her family. After Altinoz shared the photo on social media, customers flocked to the chip shop, and other chip shops have been reportedly copying the idea.
"It's going to be nice," said one takeaway customer.
The dish costs £22 (€25;$28).