Germany: Merkel offers Trump 'close cooperation' following US election results

“The partnership with the USA is and remains a corner stone of German foreign policy”, German Chancellor Angela Merkel stated in Berlin on Wednesday. The German leader was speaking on the morning that it was announced that Republican Donald has been elected to become the 45th US President.
Merkel congratulated President-elect, offering him a “close cooperation” in the future. The German Chancellor reminded Trump that this partnership would have to be based on values the two nations have shared until now, which she cited as “democracy, freedom, respect for the rights and the dignity of people, regardless of their heritage, skin colour, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or political belief”.
Leaders around the world congratulated Trump on the day of his victory. Russian President Vladimir Putin stated he was “ready and willing” to restore the US-Russian relations, while French President Francois Hollande proved to be more hesitant, saying the result “opens a period of uncertainty”. Like Merkel, UK Prime Minister Theresa May congratulated Trump but added that the “special relationship [is] based on the values of freedom, democracy and enterprise”.