Dean McDermott Teases Next Reality Show With Tori Spelling, Insists They Are "Stronger" and ''More in Love'' Post-Scandal

Dean McDermott may be ready to give reality TV another chance after all.
After voicing his frustrations regarding True Tori just a few months ago, Tori Spelling's husband appeared to be more than happy about possibly living his life far away from any camera crews.
But in a new interview with FOX411, the Canadian-born actor teased plans for his next unscripted show.
He shared, "We're going to some more reality TV. We're going to do some stuff for the Cooking Channel. It's going to be lighthearted, nothing like True Tori. Do some cooking stuff, maybe some travel stuff, stuff with the family but lighthearted and fun."
He added, "Those days of baring our souls to the world are over."