USA: Students picket CUNY Chancellor's residence during Million Student March

USA: CUNY's students rise up to demand free education USA: Hundred's of students Hundreds of students marched to the residence of the Chancellor of City University of New York (CUNY) to demand the right to free education, Thursday. Police blocked students from entering the building. After police threatened protesters with arrest the demonstration dispersed. Organisers are demanding tuition-free colleges, a cancellation of all student debt as well as a minimum $15 (€13.9) an hour wage for campus workers. The rally was one of many held on campuses across America under the name 'Million Student March.' The total of outstanding US student debt has doubled to $1.2tn (€1.11), according to a report by the US Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. The issue has been taken on by some of the presidential candidates vying for the White House in 2016, namely Democrat Bernie Sanders who has pledged to make tuition free at public universities and colleges, as well as a cut to the interest rates on student loans.