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Climbing Legend Dies in Yosemite

134 18.05.2015 Инфо

According to authorities, extreme sports legend Dean Potter was one of two BASE jumpers found dead in Yosemite National Park after attempting an aerial descent from Taft Point. A spokesman for the park said that the two men's bodies were located during a helicopter search around noon Sunday. The 43-year-old Potter and 29-year-old Graham Hunt were reported missing late Saturday by friends. The two had jumped from Taft Point, a scenic overhang, into Yosemite Valley, a descent of roughly 3,500 feet. A resident of Yosemite, Potter redefined the boundaries of climbing with solo ascents of famous rock faces without a rope or tether, taking just a small parachute for safety. He also set records for BASE jumping with a wing suit and precarious walks across high lines.