Jim Parsons Reveals How He'd Annoy Rihanna During Their Home Press Tour

It's easy to understand how Sheldon Cooper could be annoying, but Jim Parsons? Nooooo.
However, it's apparently possible. The funnyman stopped by The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon last night to talk about some of his latest projects, including an upcoming animated release called Home (hitting theaters March 27) which co-stars Steve Martin and singer Rihanna, and revealed that he managed to get under the Barbados beauty's skin during their press tour.
So what did he do?! "I've been doing press with Steve Martin and Rihanna and I, being around her, her songs keep coming into my head and I keep saying, like, 'Yellow diamonds in…' I mean, just out of nowhere I'll be doing it," he explains and notes that RiRi wasn't exactly thrilled about it.