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Germany: Concrete Christmas trees shields market from terrorist attacks

135 15.11.2019 Инфо

W/S Concrete barriers against terrorist attacks in the shape of Christmas trees at Christmas market, Essen
M/S Woman walks past security barriers
M/S Security barriers
M/S Security barriers and Christmas tree
M/S Christmas decorations inside market
C/U Reindeer's nose
W/S Christmas tree
M/S Tables at Christmas stall
M/S Christmas decorations
C/U Christmas decorations
M/S Visitors at Christmas market
M/S Visitors walk past food stalls
W/S Security staff walk around barrier
M/S Reindeer
W/S Barriers around market's perimeter
M/S Security barriers; Christmas tree
C/U Security barriers
M/S Statue
W/S Security barriers
W/S Christmas tree
SOT, Christmas market trader (German): "I think it's quite OK. These new things are really nice and these Christmas trees are really, really funny. The concrete Christmas trees."
M/S Security barriers
C/U Security barriers
SOT, Christmas market trader (German): "I don't see and advantages or disadvantages. One could feel a little safer as a result. At the beginning, I was a little sceptical when they were first installed last year. In order to come with your car, you had to drag these heavy concrete things 20 metres, but now it's OK.
M/S Security barriers and station in background *CUTAWAY*
SOT, visitor (German): "What is really exciting this year is of course the new barriers in the shape of a Christmas tree. Whoever came up with the idea, should be given a prize immediately, three stars from [inaudible]. Otherwise, I feel completely safe at the Christmas market."
M/S Security barriers surrounding Christmas market
W/S Essen station sign
With the holiday season just six weeks away, special security barriers made of concrete appeared at Essen's Christmas market.
A visit to the bustling square on Friday showed the green Christmas tree-shaped blocks deployed to protect the stalls from terrorist attacks.
The blocks, 1.8m high and weighing around three tonnes, were installed at the markets' entrance which faces the city main station.
Security around Christmas markets has been tightened ever since the attack on Berlin's Breitscheidplatz event in 2016, which claimed the lives of 12 people.