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Local residents in Berne discussed Sunday's parliamentary election on Monday after the right-wing, anti-immigration Swiss People's Party (SVP) stormed to a record victory. Discussing the outcome of the election, one Berne resident said that the SVP's victory was expected because people are concerned about the influx of refugees into the country. "It was predicted due to the circumstances, due to the people arriving from Turkey and Syria. The people are afraid. They retract and vote extreme right. Or let us say the right of the right," he said. Another resident voiced her concerns that the country had become "too right-wing," adding that the refugee crisis had "played right into their (SVP) hands, that's fur sure." The SVP achieved 29.4 percent of the final vote, winning an additional 11 seats in the Swiss National Council. Their main rivals the Social Democratic Party secured second place with 18.8 percent of the vote but lost two seats in parliament. The SVP gained an electoral boost ahead of the elections as a result of the influx of refugees and migrants into Switzerland in recent months. Leader of the SVP Toni Brunner said on Sunday evening that the result had shown "that people want to bring order to migration policy."


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