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"The ball is in Greece's court" German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schauble and his Finnish counterpart Alexander Stubb announced at the Wirtschaftstag 2015 (Economic Day) event in Berlin, Tuesday. Schauble said that Germany will do "everything in [its] power to keep Greece in the Eurozone" but ultimately the decision, if they want to tackle this challenge and remain in the European Union, lies with the Greek officials and people. Stubb meanwhile cautioned that the patience of some of the finance ministers is wearing thin. The German finance minister also advised the people of Germany not to "speak arrogantly about the Greeks." The Greek people "accomplish the most, by far the most," he added Greek leaders have had to mend their relationships with some EU officials, after Greece failed to make its most recent debt repayment delaying until the end of June instead. Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras warned on Tuesday that the "Grexit" could be the end of the Eurozone.


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