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Hong Kong: Pro-government demonstrators wave China’s flag at rally

0 17.08.2019 Инфо

M/S Protesters standing with China's flags at Admiralty's Tamar Park, Hong Kong
W/S Protesters holding rally
M/S Protesters standing with China's flags
W/S China's flag at rally
M/S Protester waving China's flag
W/S Protesters holding rally with umbrellas
M/S Protesters standing with China's flags
M/S Protesters
C/U China's flags held by protester
SOT, Attendee: "I was born in China but I have lived here for more than 7 years and I love this city so I come here to deliver the message that the people who are rational and really love this city are like people here [in this protest] deliver our demands or any other things in a right way, not like what that protesters do and yes, we support the government and the police to protect our home and [what] we really want to say is, Hong Kong is a very important city to China and also a very important city and our lovely home to our citizens and the most important [thing] is Hong Kong is for ever a part of China."
W/S Protester holding up flag
M/S Protester holding up flag
W/S Protesters
Protesters held a pro-China "Safeguard Hong Kong" rally in Admiralty's Tamar Park on Saturday, as the country was hit by another weekend of protests.
Footage shows groups of protesters waving the five-star China's flag and holding speeches. The rally was organised in support of the government and the police, with participants demanding an end to violence and chaos.
"We support the government and the police to protect our home… Hong Kong is forever a part of China," emphasised an attendee.
The rally comes after last week's airport's protests where violent clashes between demonstrators and police resulted in flights cancelled and delayed.
Protests have been taking place in Hong Kong since the end of March. Demonstrators are calling for the total withdrawal of a suspended bill that would allow the extradition of the city's residents to mainland China for trials.