Mediterranean Sea: Meet Sophia, a baby born to refugee mother Rahma Abukar on a German frigate

A Somali woman gave birth to a girl while on board the German Navy frigate the “Schleswig-Holstein” on Monday, after being transferred to the vessel from a British ship which picked her up from a refugee vessel in the Mediterranean Sea. Doctors who helped in baby Sophia's delivery have said that it was a quick procedure, and have not reported any complications. According to a statement of the Defence Ministry of Germany, she is the first baby to be born on board a German Navy ship. Her mother, Rahma Abukar, 33, was among 453 refugees who were crossing the Mediterranean on board four boats when a British Royal Navy ship picked them up before transferring them to the “Schleswig-Holstein” German frigate. At least 24 children were travelling in the group. During the last weekend, more than 4,000 people were rescued from the Mediterranean Sea while attempting to reach Europe.