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Air France workers rallied at Orly Airport Paris, on Monday, to protest against 3,000 job losses at the airline. Protesters let off smoke bombs and scuffled with police as they tried to disrupt a gathering of Air France's senior managers. Air France managers were caught up in the protest after demonstrators broke into a meeting room. The managers were discussing the job losses but were forced to flee the angry protesters after the interruption. Airline human resources and labour relations chief, Xavier Broseta, had his shirt ripped from his back as he battled his way through the demonstrators, eventually having to scale a fence to escape. The company subsequently announced it will take legal action against the protesters. Air France later announced the job losses as a part of restructuring of the company which also involves cuts to routes. The measures include cutting 10 percent of the airline's long-haul flights and a sharp reduction in the size of its aircraft fleet. The airline predicts that the cuts will reduce costs by €1.8bn ($2.02 bn). Some 1,700 ground staff, 900 cabin crew and 300 pilots are set to lose their jobs under the proposals.


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