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Hong Kong: Protesters retreat from Chinese University

0 15.11.2019 Инфо

W/S Objects on road and masked protesters, Hong Kong
W/S Objects on road
W/S Vehicles turning around
W/S Objects burning on road
M/S Objects burning
W/S Objects burning on road
C/U Protesters on bridge
W/S Burnt vehicle
W/S Police vehicle
M/S Protester with slingshot and other protesters
C/U Protester with slingshot and other protesters
W/S Protesters performing stick fighting
Protesters, who had occupied Hong Kong's Chinese University (CUHK) had largely retreated by Friday. Demonstrators reportedly left behind boxes of petrol bombs and a large amount of food supplies, which they had stockpiled as part of the four-day occupation.
On Friday, Vice-Chancellor of CUHK Rocky Tuan said that the university would seek "assistance" if protesters did not leave the campus. Demonstrators barricaded several university campuses across the city, including CUHK, since Tuesday, erecting checkpoints, stockpiling food and protective equipment.
Violence reportedly returned to Hong Kong later on Friday night, with protesters blocking again the Tolo Highway, which had been partially reopened earlier in the day, after Chief Secretary Matthew Cheung stated that the demonstrators' demands could not be met.
Hong Kong has been rocked by protests sparked by a now-withdrawn extradition bill since the end of March. The rallies later evolved into a wider movement against the government, marked by months of clashes between protesters and the authorities.