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How To Get Lighter Skin, Best Skin Bleaching Cream, Brown Spots On Face, How To Lighten Dark Skin


Skin Lightening to Reverse Melasma

Melasma is a skin condition characterized by patchy brown, blue-gray or tan facial skin discoloration. This condition is almost entirely common in women in their reproductive years, and appears on the upper cheeks, forehead, upper lip, as well as the chin. Given that this condition is entirely rare in males, with 90 percent cases being in women, it’s correct to deduce that it generally affects women.

Currently, over 6 million American women have this condition. The recommended prevention for melasma is avoidance of the sun’s UV rays.
Despite all these studies though, there still isn’t any clear consensus amongst skin whitening and dermatology experts on what the root cause might be.

Tips for Curing Melasma

Before we even get to the real ‘medicine’, the first part involves getting a broad spectrum sunscreen, which effectively helps prevent progressive skin discoloration and gives you some working skin to address the condition. Once you get the broad spectrum sunscreen from your skin care specialist, be sure to apply it as specified.

Nowadays, there are been scores of hydroquinone creams available in the market that can be used for the skin lightening of this condition. Apparently, these over-the-counter medications and lotions work at the melanin-level of your skin. These creams might be prescribed together with other topical applications that together help relieve the condition and lighten the skin.

Chemical Peels – chemical peels have been in the last few years a key approach at skin lightening and reversing melasma. Some patients have also been willing to try more advanced and medically complicated procedures such as microdermabrasion.

More so, some skin care professionals have been keen to combine a variety of these approaches in order to come up with a solution that better tackles the problem and whitens your skin.

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