What Is Aerated Hair? Gigi Hadid Has Got It

Remember the flat-iron craze of 2010? Stars like Gwyneth Paltrow, Mila Kunis and Sandra Bullock made pin-straight hair a signature of their look at the time—and it launched an eponymous trend (that currently feels deflated). Now, the freshest way to go straight includes making hair appear weightless. Celeb hairstylist Noogie Nguyen said it's about hair that's smooth and perfectly straight, or "aerated." Nguyen has styled hair for stars like Nina Dobrev and recently created the look for models at the Wolk Morais resort 2016 show. By adding a bit of lift at the roots and blow-drying hair with minimal products, straight hair goes from basic to modern-day Jane Birkin. And with celebs likeElle Fanning and Gigi Hadid going aerated, it's primed to be the new gold standard in ultra straight.