Pinto on 'Desert Dancer'

While Freida Pinto doesn't see herself as a role model, the 30-year old actress understands there's a huge responsibly to being in the public eye. That's why she regards every film role as a potential catalyst for change.
Pinto said,"One of the reasons I do a film like 'Desert Dancer' is that I hope it starts a global conversation."
The film is based on Iranian dancer Afshin Ghaffarian, who risked his life for simply forming an underground dance company. He eventually sought political asylum in France.
Pinto finds it hard to believe people can be punished for making art, but is not entirely surprised by it.
Referring to an incident that happened last year in Iran, Pinto said, "I never thought that six kids that make a music video to Pharrell's 'Happy' could get arrested, either."