A Friendly Reminder to Be Kind to Giuliana Rancic

Just yesterday, we heard Giuliana Rancic claim that her very, very thin appearance is caused by a certain cancer medication that she takes, one that makes it hard for her to keep on weight, and that was pretty upsetting, right? She seemed to be bothered by it, and now we're learning that in her younger years, she was bothered by another health issue: scoliosis.
In an interview with People Magazine Rancic said "The thing about scoliosis is it's a different kind of ugly for a young girl. It's one thing to hate your hair or to have bad skin, but those are things you can hopefully treat. [Scoliosis] is very hard to camouflage and it's all you think about all day, every minute of the day. I always wore baggy clothes. And I trained myself so I always looked like I was leaning on something. [As a teen] I tried to enter pageants and audition for movies and model, because I think I was hoping someday someone would tell me I was pretty. I just wasn't. I was crooked."
Don't worry though, in spite of the trials and tribulations, Giuliana's inner-strength helped rise above her insecurities. Reassuring all young girls out there by saying: whatever struggles you go through as a young woman, those are the things that become your power later. Even though it's painful to think back on, I wouldn't change a thing. Because everything I went through as a child got me to where I am today."