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Syria: 4 killed, 14 injured in attack on Aleppo's al-Hamadanya neighbourhood

7 03.11.2016 Инфо

At least four people were killed and 14 injured after opposition forces shelled Aleppo's al-Hamadanya neighbourhood on Wednesday.
Wounded people were rushed to receive emergency treatment at Aleppo's Al Razi hospital, as seen on footage emerging in the aftermath of the shelling. Some of the casualties are said to have life-threatening injuries.
The footage also captures the devastation and rubble of several al-Hamadanya buildings, with rescue units and backhoes being deployed to excavate potential casualties.
Aleppo is facing some of the most fierce battles it has seen since the beginning of the conflict, following the collapse of the ceasefire. Medical groups and human rights activists have highlighted the plight of the residents as the war continues with renewed intensity in the city.