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President of Russia Vladimir Putin witnessed a preview of a new Russian-made cartoon called ‘Savva: the Heart of the Warrior’ at the Sirius Educational Centre in Sochi, Thursday. Producer Maksim Fadeev briefly introduced the film that has been eight years in the making by saying that it was an attempt to bring back cartoon-making to the Russian film industry. He said that the makers wanted “to revive something that we lost after the collapse of the Soviet Union” when “no one needed animated cartoons”. That was unfortunate, according to the filmmaker, because “it is one of the most important moments in a child’s upbringing”. Those behind the film believe it will be a big international hit, with it being released not just in Russian but English as well. Fadeev commented that “despite different relationships between Russia, the Americans, British people, all Europe, Asia, and even Mexico” they all want the film. The result of that according to the producer is that “they will watch a Russian cartoon with our heroes”.


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