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Cuba: Forget painkillers - Farmer resorts to SCORPION STINGS against body pains

841 25.04.2017 Инфо

Cuban farmer Julio Casanas treats his body pains with the sting of a scorpion, as he demonstrated at his farm in Los Palacios in the western province of Pinar del Rio, Tuesday.
Casanas said that a scorpion stung him once by chance and that he noticed that "the pain decreased" in his body. From that moment he has been using the scorpion's sting as a remedy for his aches.
"I put the scorpion where it hurts: if my knee hurts, I put it on the knee, if it my elbow hurts, I put it on the elbow," said the farmer who revealed that he lets the scorpion set its sting into his limbs "every 15 or 20 days, according to [when] the pain [occurs]."