The Dangerous Rebuilding of Kobani

By the time Kobani was liberated in late January, the U.S.-led coalition fighting ISIS had dropped more than 700 bombs on and around the town. The damage caused by airstrikes — and months of battle on the ground — had turned Kobani to rubble.
Though the town has been cleared of ISIS fighters, civilians have been cautioned not to return. Besides the lack of electricity, clean water and infrastructure, ISIS left the place rigged up with explosives — a parting gift that has killed at least 19 civilians so far.
But the warnings have done little to slow the flow of refugees desperate to return to whatever is left of their homes. Of the estimated 400,000 who fled, 40,000 have already returned to Kobani with thousands more pouring in each week — five, six, 10 to a vehicle, stuffed with as much as it will hold.