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Greece: Mount Hymettus burns in sweeping forest fires

29 17.07.2015 Инфо

A large forest fire burnt through huge amounts of Mount Hymettus, in Athens, Friday. Dozens of fire-fighters, with 10 vehicles and two helicopters, are trying to protect one of the last areas of green near the Greek capital. Citizens are also assisting them. Fifty-two different spots on fire have been noticed in Greece in the last 24 hours. Mount Hymettus is about 15km (9.3 miles) from the city centre and is a popular site for hikers and tourists, offering stunning view to Acropolis and Piraeus port. Another large forest fire has developed in the southern Peloponnese peninsula, near the town of Monemvasia. Fires also broke out at the village of Malakasa in East Attica and at Nafplion, a tourist destination in the Peloponnese.