Majestic - Attention [audio]

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Producer: Rameca Records
Music: Don Coda
Lyrics, Sound Recording & Mastering: Majestic
Model: Katerina Nicolich
Photographer: Damian Dongov
Photoshop Designer: Vassil Vassilev


[Chorus 2X]

I be on my campaign,
And did I mention?
I be poppin’ champagne,
I be sippin’, flyer than an airplane,
Holla at your man dane,
I’ma do the damn thang!

[Verse 1]

Attention! Girls please pay attention!
If you don’t I will give you a detention.
Did I mention? (Make your hit song today)
That this is not my crib, I have got a mansion!
Thuggin’ all my life, so there goes my pension,
“Do I give a fuck?” is a rhetorical question,
To open up my safe you can’t use a combination,
Call up Leonardo and perform an inception,
But remember – me and my cousin run the nation,
Two black eyes and you will look like a Dalmatian,
Speaking of dogs, we love to roll with bitches,
Not about the pleasure, but its all about the business,
For instance, no matter what you can’t resist this,
Half naked girls exchanging lesbo kisses,
One is my misses, the other was my mistress,
Wish it was your life? But instead it is Majestic’s.

[Chorus 2X]

[Verse 2]

Attention again! I have got your girl of a friend,
Here – say something to your boyfriend then:
(Make your hit song today)
Hell yes ma’am, oh and indeed I am!
Now if my chest is bigger than your breast,
Then I’m sure you can guess I won’t have the slightest interest,
My house, my rules, my contest,
The goal is to leave me very happily impressed,
It is always best to first get yourself undressed,
Let my ex start you off and I will do the rest,
Meanwhile I got a dancer, who doesn’t even rest,
Dancing like a compass – northeast, south and west,
This was just a get together, but damn I feel blessed,
Cause I can sense that my life gets you very jea-lous,
4 bad bitches, 2 good fe-llas,
About to make it rain – Rihanna keep the umbrellas!

[Chorus 2X]

[Verse 3]

Attention is all that these bitches desire,
Such beauty all you can do is admire,
(Make your hit song today)
And with a wink only, your pulse goes up higher!
You will never tire of sitting by the fire,
Listening to her but this girl is a liar,
Cause she will take your money so you can early retire,
Now you can go broke home and leave us all alone,
So we can party it up until it’s 6 in the morn’,
Bring another bottle baby, treat me like your own,
Stone on my neck and thugs on my phone,
I’m something of a mix between Stallone and Al Capone,
“Here you go” she says and we fina get blown,
Pop model after model with a load of alcohol,
So which one of y’all will I sleep with after all?
Hate how I roll cause all you ever do is fuck all!

[Chorus 2X]