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Syria: Turkish-backed forces advance into Tel Abyad

7 14.10.2019 Инфо

M/S Fighter firing from mounted machine gun on back of truck, Tel Abyad
W/S APC turning around
M/S Fighter (Arabic): "Glory to God we have liberated Tel Abyad" *UPSOUND*
W/S Forces
W/S APC driving around fountain
W/S Forces
W/S Field
M/S Fighters filing past
M/S Fighters patrolling
M/S Fighters entering building
W/S Field
W/S House
W/S Fighter on road shouting (Arabic): "Glory to God!"
W/S Fighters
M/S APC driving through field
M/S Fighters by wall
M/S Man photographing civilians
M/S Fighters
M/S Car driving on road
M/S Fighters on motorcycle driving by
W/S Fighters in road
SOT, Fighter (Arabic): "I am from Tel Abyad. We had to leave five years ago because of Daesh (Islamic State, IS; formerly ISIS/ISIL) and the PKK (Kurdistan Workers' Party ) and the the Free Syrian Army heroes have liberated Tel Abyad and thank God, our morale is high."
W/S Vehicle on road
M/S Vehicles driving by
W/S Forces on trucks
M/S Building
W/S Fighters on motorcycle driving by
W/S Fighter throwing sack into hole
C/U Hole in ground
W/S Vehicle on road
W/S Fighters on road
W/S Vehicle driving by
W/S Forces and fire in background
W/S Smoke rising
Turkish-backed forces operating in Syria have reportedly advanced into the border town of Tel Abyad in the north-east of the country on Sunday.
Footage shows Turkish-backed forces patrolling the town on foot and with armoured vehicles, with streets deserted and buildings left empty.
Ankara's military offensive dubbed 'Operation Peace Spring' began on October 9 with the aim of creating a 'safe zone' in north-eastern Syria cleared of Kurdish forces. The offensive sparked protests in several countries and has drawn widespread criticism.