USA: Neo-Nazi rally outnumbered by counter protests in Pennyslvania

Around 50 members of the Neo-Nazi, Nationalist Socialist Movement (NSM) held a rally at the Pennsylvania State Capitol in Harrisburg, Saturday. Some 200 counter-protesters gathered to oppose the rally.
The NSM members were dressed in black uniforms and carried banners with slogans such as "President Trump, Build the Wall" and "White Pride Worldwide." "We stand for the white American working class now today and forever" said NSM leader Jeff Schoep, whose members were outnumbered four to one by counter-protesters.
Scores of police officers in riot gear separated the two groups. The counter protesters, many with anti Klu Klux Klan signs, threw tomatoes and firecrackers. Two protesters were arrested during the rally.
NSM is one of the USA's largest neo-Nazi, white supremacist organisations. Saturday’s rally was the group's biannually held 'rally against diversity'.