USA: Spike Lee and Rosario Dawson press New York to 'Feel the Bern'

Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders stated that if he wins the New York Democratic Party primary, he will win the White House, in front of thousands of his supporters during a rally at St. Mary's Park in the Bronx in New York, Thursday evening.
Speaking at St. Mary's Park in the Bronx, Sanders stated that "if we win here in New York, we are going to make it to the White House." The presidential candidate was joined at the rally by actress Rosario Dawson, film director Spike Lee and singer Residente.
Dawson said that Sanders supporters need to reach out to Trump voters, stating that "they know [Trump] is going to go to the oval office and go 'You're fired!'. I can understand that. But I'm supporting the guy who's looking at all of us and saying 'You're hired!'."
The New York Democratic primary is scheduled for April 19. Polls currently put Democratic presidential rival Hillary Clinton ahead of Sanders with about 54 percent of the vote, against Sanders' projected 46 percent.