Russia: This cat loves its new T-34 tank playhouse

Ivan Veryasov, an engineer from Novosibirsk, showed off his prize creation - a playhouse for his beloved cat that resembles a T-34 tank, Saturday.
The construction weighs 50kg (110lbs) and can move along the floor via working caterpillar tracks, and can mimic the sound of a tank's engine. It also boasts a fully rotating turret. Veryasov used wood and green carpet in the construction, as well as metal tubes to link the wheels together. Parts of the tank are coated with acrylic water-based varnish, which is used in the production of children's toys.
The engineer chose the form of a tank for the house since "it was the hardest to implement, these caterpillar tracks, turret, it was necessary that everything could move." Ivan explained that he had "graduated from a mechanical engineering department" and was inspired to build the tank-house since it was challenging to create "from the point of view of mechanics."
The tank is now being sold for 15,000 roubles (€208; $232) via an online store.