One Vision for the Hyperloop Has Swanky First-Class Cabins

SpaceX's Hyperloop pod design competition is still a year away. But we're already seeing initial takes on what the futuristic high-speed transportation system could look like. And luxury travelers fear not: even on the Hyperloop, you could travel with your pinky up. Argo, a design firm, has created its own vision for Hyperloop pods. The concept includes five different types of modular capsules, each similar to a train car. Two of them are pretty boring: a cargo capsule and a vehicle capsule. The rest of them would carry passengers, and Argo's vision borrows heavily from the current class system for air travel. Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors as well as SpaceX, proposed the idea back in 2013, but said he had no time to build it himself. The Hyperloop would place people in a vehicle inside a large tube capable at traveling at previously unachievable speeds.