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USA: 'We welcome the rise of China' - Obama at joint address with Xi Jinping

16 25.09.2015 Инфо

US President Barack Obama held a press conference with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping from the White House lawn in Washington DC, Friday. The two were expected to lay-down the foundations of a common climate change policy where the idea is to have a "common platform" which lays the foundations for the upcoming Paris conference regarding global emissions in December. However, in the press conference they discussed the importance of mutual cooperation in more general terms with Obama saying the two nations have an "unmatched ability to shape the course of the century ahead." Striking an optimistic tone, Jinping said that the "prosperous relationship" between the two countries could grow, so long as they remain "broad-minded about our differences." The meeting between the two leaders also comes amidst tensions of cyber-espionage and military build-ups in the Asia-Pacific region. Both sides accuse one another of threatening peace in the region.