Nepalese Temple to Living Goddess Spared By Nature During Quakes

When the centuries-old temples started crumbling in Kathmandu’s Durbar Square three weeks ago, there was one that stood unscathed: an 18th-century temple that is home to Kumari, Nepal’s living goddess.
Gautam Shakya, the guardian and caretaker of the living goddess, said “there is not a single crack or damage in the house.”
As Nepal struggles to rebuild after a devastating earthquake that killed more than 8,300 people, many are trying to explain the suffering that has befallen the country, and some have fallen on Kumari.
The Kumari are young girls believed to be endowed with a set of chosen virtues, they are worshiped until reaching puberty.
At least 11 Kumaris are said to be worshipped within Nepal, but the living goddess in Kathmandu is the best known and considered the most important.
Despite Kathmandu's good fortune, the Kumari house in Bungamati crumbled to ruin during the quakes.