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Showcasing high-end coffins, funeral fashion, and the latest hearses, the annual Necropolis-Tanexpo World Russia 2015 funeral expo kicked-off in Moscow, Wednesday. Besides presenting an array of mourning attire, guests were able to peruse a wide variety of coffins in all shapes and sizes, from the super-strong to the colourful. One casket, resembling a red bob-sleigh, was valued at 1.5 million roubles (€21,000). The organisers went as far as to install a coffin-shaped aquarium at the expo, complete with a fake skeleton at the bottom of the casket-tank. Necropolis-2015 has been staged since 1992 and this year saw over 200 exhibitors from Russia, Hungary, Greece, Spain, Italy, Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, the US and China take part in the event.


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