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Aftertaste - Drop Dead (официално видео)

5 156 19.06.2012 Инфо

Aftertaste - Drop Dead [Official Music Video]

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Продуцент: Aftertaste
Музика: Aftertaste
Текст: Aftertaste
Аранжимент: Aftertaste
Mix & Mastering: Loud-Fi Studio
Режисьор: Моника Хиршберг
Оператор: Симеон Кермекчиев
Монтаж & Постпродукция: Георги Ангелов

I'm drunk , f*cked up, I'm misused
I'm the one that always felt so abused
I gave you everything, but I got nothing in return
I hope you get everything that you deserve

I love you, I hate you
But not everything is always about you
I love you, I hate you
But in the end it's always F*ck you!
So shut up and get out
I don't wanna listen to you whine all night
Oh shut up and get out
I want to see you go down, down

Stand up, sit down, oh be good
I hope you suffer just like I did too
I want to see you ache, bleed, bend over
In the end you'll be crying on my shoulder

I want to see you go down baby
I want to see you go down (on your knees)