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USA: Clinton derides Trump’s RNC acceptance speech

1 23.07.2016 Инфо

Presumptive Democratic Party presidential nominee Hillary Clinton lampooned Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump for his nomination speech, during a rally in Tampa, Florida, on Friday.
"I've never heard of someone who wants to be an American leader claiming that he's all we need. That's not a democracy my friends," stated Clinton, before adding "As I recall we had a revolution to make sure we didn't have someone who said I can fix it alone."
"He offered a lot of fear and anger and resentment but not solutions about anything that he even talked about," continued the former First Lady.
Finally, Clinton swallowed her pride and reiterated Trump's Republican Party rival Ted Cruz' attack on the nominee, "I never thought I would say these words but Ted Cruz was right. In this elections do the right thing a vote your conscience, vote your future, vote for the United States of America."
Shortly after her speech finished, Clinton announced on Twitter that her candidate for vice-president will be Tim Kaine, a Senator from Virginia.