Robert Downey Jr. Gives 7-year-old Bionic Iron Man Arm

Iron Man really saved the day this time. Actor Robert Downey Jr., who plays Marvel's armored superhero, has teamed up with Albert Manero, founder of Limbless Solutions to deliver a young boy named Alex a bionic arm.Alex is a 7-year-old who loves superheroes. He was born with a partially disabled right arm, so Manero and OneNote built him a special bionic arm that looks exactly like Iron Man's. Manero, a mechanical engineering student, builds and donates cost-effective 3D-printed bionic limbs to children around the world. His company strives "to create a world without limits, where everyone has access to the tools necessary to manufacture simple, affordable and accessible solutions through open source design and 3D printing." The team, including Downey Jr., hand-delivered their invention to the young boy.