Shelly Sterling Says It Wasn't About the Money

Shelly Sterling says she didn't go after V. Stiviano for the money--rather, she wanted justice and says she plans to give away every single cent she won in her crushing court victory to a charity. Sterling won a $2.6 million judgment against Stiviano -- ordering her to fork over the keys to her $1.8 million condo and $800,000 in cash. Sources tell TMZ that Shelly was "out for blood" from the start -- and really wanted to put the screws to Stiviano for all the crap she put her family through.
In fact, Shelly told the Associated Press her lawsuit was about getting even with Stiviano who had "harmed" her in so many ways.
Sterling says she doesn't even want the money because she's a billionaire -- and to prove it, she's giving every cent to a worthy charity.