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Ian Somerhalder: "Everything Gets A Little Gnarly" in The Vampire Diaries Directorial Debut

74 12.03.2015 Инфо

Another The Vampire Diaries star is stepping behind the camera tonight! Ian Somerhalder is set to make his directorial debut with tonight's episode, "The Downward Spiral," just like his costar Paul Wesley and showrunner Julie Plec have done before him. But when E! News spoke with Somerhalder about what the most challenging part of directing an episode of TVD was, he gave a surprising answer: "Nothing." Somerhalder tells E! News, "I am going to sound like such a jerk right now, but actually nothing was challenging. It wasn't challenging because—and that's the operative word, 'because'—I've been on this show for so long, I know it through and through. It's my baby, it's my heart and love."