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Haiti: Thousands take part in anti-government protest in Port-au-Prince

14 10.06.2019 Инфо

M/S Injured person being carried, Port-au-Prince
M/S People near injured person
W/S Protesters clashing with police
M/S People with injured person
M/S Policeman throwing rock at bike
M/S UN Blue Helmets
W/S UN Blue Helmets
M/S Protester and police
M/S Protester shouting
C/U Police
M/S Police and protesters
M/S Fire
W/S Protesters
W/S Protesters
W/S Protesters
M/S Protesters with flag
Thousands of people were seen protesting in Port-au-Prince, demanding the president to resign, on Sunday.
Several people were injured as police were seen dispersing the demonstration.
Demonstrations have become commonplace in Haiti, fuelled by unrest over a perceived lack of government transparency and alleged corruption.