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Hong Kong: Murder suspect behind extradition bill dispute freed

2 23.10.2019 Инфо

W/S Journalists outside the Pik Uk prison in Sai Kung
W/S Security guards at the Pik Uk prison entrance
W/S Prison entrance
W/S Security forces
M/S Security forces
M/S Murder suspect Chan Tong-kai speaking to journalists
W/S Security forces
M/S Chan Tong-kai gets inside van
M/S Van driving away
W/S Pik Uk prison in Sai Kung
W/S Pik Uk prison in Sai Kung
Murder suspect Chan Tong-kai, whose case sparked the wave of protests against the extradition bill in Hong Kong, was released from the Pik Uk prison in Sai Kung on Thursday.
Tong-kai, 20 years old, was released upon serving a 18-month sentence for money laundering activities, reports say.
He reportedly told journalists outside the prison that he is willing to turn himself in to the authorities in Taiwan, where he is wanted for killing his girlfriend last February.
Tong-kai fled from Taiwan to Hong Kong, where he is a permanent resident. His case prompted the introduction of the extradition bill, which caused massive anti-government protests.