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Тайланд: Мулти-религиозна церемония почете жертвите на взрива

11 21.08.2015 Инфо

A multi-faith religious ceremony was held in Bangkok, Friday to honour those killed in the Erawan Shrine blast earlier in the week. Leaders of the Buddhist, Christian, Muslim, Sikh, and Hindu faiths led the ceremony, which was held at the site of the explosion before moving to the nearby Central World Plaza. Twenty people were confirmed dead and over 120 injured after the bomb exploded at the Hindu shrine, Monday. At least eight foreigners were among those killed. Bangkok police have confirmed that the bomb was an improvised explosive device comprising 3kg (6.6lbs) of TNT stuffed inside a pipe. Police also said they had found and defused two similar bombs close by to the Erawan Shrine. Investigators have launched a probe into the attack, which authorities say was carried out by a network of people.