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Turkey: Thousands attend funeral prayers for Egypt's Morsi in Istanbul

0 18.06.2019 Инфо

M/S Mourners holding placards with pictures of Egypt's deceased former president Mohamed Morsi, Istanbul
M/S Imam announcing Morsi's funeral prayer being held in absentia
W/S Reporters filming
M/S Attendees observing funeral prayer
M/S Attendees observing funeral prayer
C/U Placard featuring Morsi
M/S Attendees observing funeral prayer
C/U Placard featuring Morsi
C/U Imam uttering funeral prayer verses
W/S Attendees in funeral prayer
C/U Funeral prayer
M/S Egyptian flag hanging above attendees
M/S Attendees holding placards with Morsi's picture
M/S Imam addressing attendees
C/U Morsi's picture and Rabia sign
M/S Imam praying for Morsi
M/S Banner with Morsi's picture and Muslim Brotherhood sign
C/U Picture depicting Morsi and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan
M/S Attendees
W/S Attendees chanting (Turkish): "Morsi is a martyr and Sisi is a dog"
M/S Mourners gathering around Istanbul's Fatih mosque
W/S Speaker addressing attendees
M/S Attendees showing Rabia sign with their hands
W/S Attendees
M/S Man holding flag of Muslim Brotherhood 'Rabia sign'
W/S Call to prayers heard from mosque's minaret
Funeral prayers were held in absentia for Egypt's deceased former president Mohamed Morsi across Turkey on Tuesday, as shown by footage from Istanbul's Fatih mosque.
Turkey's religious authority, the Diyanet, had called for the prayers to honour Morsi who died after collapsing in a Cairo court while facing trial on espionage charges.
Attendees carried banners and placards depicting Morsi and displayed signs associated with his political party Muslim Brotherhood.
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was due to attend prayers later in the same Mosque.
Erdogan remained a steadfast proponent of Morsi even after he was ousted from his office following a military coup led by current Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi in 2013.
67-year old Morsi passed away after collapsing in a defendants' cage in the courtroom soon after speaking, according to Egypt's public prosecutor. A medical report reportedly showed no signs of recent injuries on his body.
Morsi served as the fifth President of Egypt between June 2012 and July 2013. He was serving a 20-year sentence for a conviction stemming from the killing of protesters during protests in 2012. He was also serving a life sentence on espionage charges.