Jordan Begins Questioning Family of Chattanooga Shooter

A lawyer has told the Associated Press an uncle of the Chattanooga shooter has been taken into custody in Jordan.
The attorney added his client has not been charged with a crime, though electronics were confiscated from his home.
A Jordanian government official stated Tuesday that some of Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez's relatives have been questions as part of an investigation.
Officials from Jordan stated the young Abdulazeez traveled to Jordan last year spending several months visiting family.
While in-country, he stayed with his uncle, Asaad Ibrahim Asaad Haj Ali.
Haj Ali's attorney stated Abdulazeez only helped his uncle run a small cell phone business.
Abdulazeez's parents have stated they supported the trip so he could get away from alcohol, drugs, and his friends of bad influence.