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A camera installed inside the cockpit of a Russian fighter jet carrying out combat missions in Syria recorded the moment when a suspected US Reaper Drone was seen flying close to the jet, and was released by the Russian Ministry of Defence on Tuesday. The presence of different aircraft in the air space of Syria has increased recently, civil airliners, military transport aircraft, combat aircraft or unmanned aerial vehicles of different size, known as 'drones,' including some of them loaded with weaponry and ready to carry out airstrikes. While Russian Air Force coordinates every flight with the Syrian service for air traffic control, according to Russian Defence Ministry, all the other manned and unmanned aircraft with the exception of the civil airliners are reportedly flying across the Syrian air space without any accordance and with their transponders switched-off. One week ago a Russian pilot was compelled to fly to within three kilometres (1.9 miles) of an American plane in order to identify the aircraft. The incident occurred when Russian jets detected radio impulses from an unidentified aircraft and proceeded to investigate. Since launching its first airstrikes in Syria on September 30 after an official request for aid made by the Syrian government, Russia has flown dozens of combat missions and conducted more than 100 airstrikes, according to the Russian Defence Ministry.


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