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Jeremy Corbyn criticised what he called the "political choice" of austerity during a speech in Manchester on Monday. The new Labour Party leader was speaking at an event organised by postal service workers' union the CWU (Communication Workers' Union) and attended by hundreds of supporters. The veteran MP and life-long trade unionist broke prior political convention by speaking during the weekend his opponents' Tory party conference was held in the same city. Corbyn spoke twice, once to a crowd outside Manchester Cathedral who could not enter the venue due to fears of overcrowding, and once inside the building. "The basis of the campaign on which I was elected was that we were opposed to the political choice of austerity in our society, " he said. "Because that austerity, that [sic] austerity budgets that we've had for the past five years and the one we've just had. What are they really about?" "Making Britain a more and more unequal society," he continued. "Forcing more and more people into desperate poverty. The welfare reform bill making it even worse for the hardest-up in our society. The cuts in tax credits making life impossible for many people even to properly survive within our society. That is not an economic necessity, that is a political choice."


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