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Brainstorm - The Conjunction of 7 Planets ( Remixed 2016 / Official Audio Video)

6 17.09.2016 Инфо

The song is taken from the album "Memorial Roots (Re-Rooted)", originally released in 2009 and completely new mixed and mastered in 2016 *****
Lyrics: At the fairly end of time the prophets have one thing in mind The 'anti-Christ' will ensure their demise Divination or prophecy through reading signs in history The portents of the sky our last devise He rules the earth like god or king, religious worldwide following And brings down the birth of a new breed It's the lack of our morality, the loss of love and sanity The answer to all the fears we seed At this time there's some belief That the anti-Christ may has been born in '62 but far away The perfect time on a perfect day we were torn There'll be a time coming when we will lose our lives There'll be no hope or sin When redemption comes from god within Each religion, in its own way, has foretold the coming of a great saviour and pleasures for their souls With not a single trace of sin, god disappeared And enslaved the king that's what they have been told The revelation of the world, prepare yourself for the worst No need to flee from the lies We've lost compassion for the poor The reason what we're living for A cultured way of suicide Signs of extinction everywhere, in 2012 a new despair, a mortal fear Behold and learn the truth about these prophecies They're preached around the world