Russia: IS 'emissary' and five other militants killed in Ingushetia op - NAK

An alleged Islamic State 'emissary' and five other militants were killed during a special operation in the town of Nazran in Ingushetia, Friday, Russia's National Anti-Terrorism Committee (NAK) said.
Footage released by NAK shows state security forces evacuating civilians and then engaging in an intense firefight with the militants.
Following failed negotiations with the Russian security forces, the militants had reportedly opened fire on the troops using automatic weapons.
A large arsenal that included automatic rifles, pistols, grenades and sizeable improvised explosive devices (IEDs) was found in the building where the cell was holed up.
According to NAK, the name of the emissary was Zabayri Sautiev who allegedly came from Syria to carry out attacks in Ingushetia.
No casualties have been reported among state security forces and civilians.