UK: Anti-Trident protesters call for books not nukes in London

Protesters gathered outside the UK Ministry of Defence in London, Monday, calling for an end to the UK's intercontinental ballistic missile programme known as Trident, which is up for renewal by the British parliament in 2016. Protesters waved signs denouncing Trident and listened to speakers and musicians protesting against the nuclear programme. Calling the mass killing of civilians by nuclear bombs in Japan "war crimes as bad as the holocaust," activist Victoria Britton said that "there are a thousand American military bases around the world. That is what is making us all unsafe." A final decision on the proposed renewal of Britain's nuclear arsenal is not expected until 2016. However, the SNP, Wales' Plaid Cymru and the Green Party all have vocalised their opposition - and seen spikes in the polls. The Trident programme is estimated to cost £3 billion per year (€4.16 billion/$4.4 billion), with its replacement projected to cost a further £20 billion (€27.7 billion/$29 billion).