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Japan: Emperor Naruhito spends night with sun goddess before taking throne

0 15.11.2019 Инфо

W/S Daijosai ritual at Imperial Palace, Tokyo
M/S Japan's Emperor Naruhito observing ritual
M/S Emperor Naruhito observing ritual
M/S Daijosai ritual
W/S Emperor Naruhito with procession
C/U Naruhito's feet
M/S Naruhito in procession
M/S Naruhito in procession
M/S Procession
M/S Empress Masako in procession
C/U Empress' feet
M/S Procession
W/S Empress in procession
M/S Empress turning right
M/S Empress bowing
M/S Empress walking
W/S Daijokyu complex in gardens of Imperial Palace
M/S Attendees
C/U Attendees
C/U Priest
M/S Priests performing ritual
W/S Daijokyu complex in gardens of Imperial Palace
M/S Moon
M/S Priest bowing
Japanese Emperor Naruhito spent Thursday night feasting with a sun goddess as part of the Daijosai ritual, completing the last rite before acceding to the throne.
Naruhito was ushered through the corridors of the Daijokyu complex, built especially for the occasion in the Imperial Palace's Gardens. Priests lit his path using candles, while chamberlains holding imperial regalia led the procession.
Empress Masako made an appearance in a white kimono and a historic 'osuberakashi' hairstyle. She did not, however, follow him in to the room.
Daijosai, known as Great Thanksgiving Ceremony, contemplates an overnight feast in honour of Amaterasu Omikami - the sun goddess, from whom conservatives believe the emperor is descended.
The religious ritual has its origins 1,000 years ago, although to took its current form in the late 19th century, an era when the emperor was considered divine.
Naruhito became Emperor after his father Akihito abdicated on April 30 aged 85 due to health conditions.